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Blitz Excel UI
Blitz Excel UI

Blitz Excel UI

There are bunch of great scripts for MS SQL Server DBAs and SQL Developers for query analysis and performance tuning, but I use set of scripts created by Brent Ozarsp_Blitz. It’s free. Free for downloading. Free to use. Brent also has great classes for DBAs, consultants, developers how to use them properly.

I decided to wrap the scripts into Excel tables. We all know about great SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). It’s great. But it produced result into grids and to do sort, filtering you need to export it to MS Excel.

Excel VBA enabled UI for sp_Blitz
Excel VBA enabled UI for sp_Blitz

Very quick demo about it

Change log and the latest version always available from this post

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    1. Thank you, Eric. I think this is straight forward and FAQ worksheet has most of explanation. The tool should be fully supported by MSO365. But feel free to give me a shout if you have any other question or suggestion for the tool. Planing to support it.

  1. Jordan

    Great concept. It isn’t working for me on a 64-bit system. Searching the Internet suggests using PtrSafe as part of the Declare statements but also changing the code to use 64-bit libraries. Are you able to effect those changes?

  2. anoop

    I downloaded and when I try to run excel on sql installed on my laptop. I see following message
    Compile Error: the code in project must be updated for use on 64 bit systems. Please review and update declare statements and then mark them with Ptrsafe attribute.

    As I am no Vb expert, please can you help.

    Looking forward to using this…

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  4. jaimin

    Hi Alex, Good Work but my requirement to access sql server remotely using sql server username and password. Can you please help me how to make it work. I did try to find an option in xml file but did not see any option. Really appreciate your help.

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